Ask me anything!   Hi! My name is Masha (say it: maw-shuh). I'm in my 20s and I like longboarding and snowboarding and reading and experimenting with things and doing crafts. I also like running but only when I'm not in the process of it. Oh and I make 100% handmade polymer clay jewelry.

I consider myself somewhat of a purist - I don't EVER use molds or paint in my creations. Every detail you see is made from clay, though sometimes I do mix in micro-beads or eyeshadow to color and texture the clay before I work with it.

I love making custom items! Contact me via Etsy messages if you would like me to attempt to make your idea come to life from clay, or just want a different color/variation of an item you already see :)

PS Etsy accounts are free and quick to make.

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Please contact me with any and all questions!

I ship internationally, and accept credit cards directly, Etsy giftcards, and PayPal.

By day, this octopus is a pale ghost, hanging quietly around your neck, glossed to be protected from the elements and appear wet, freshly pulled from the depths. By night however, this octopus wakes to radiate a bright, luminescent brilliant turquoise glow with deep blue tentacle tips.

Available for adoption at

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